Will Yun Lee plays Jae Huang on Bionic Woman.


Will Yun Lee (b. 22nd March, 1975 in Arlington, Virginiais) is an American actor. His father, Soo Wong Lee, is a a Taekwondo (a form of martial art) Grandmaster. Lee attended UC Berkeley on an athletic scholarship for the Cal Taekwondo team. To begin with, he was best known for his role on Witchblade as Danny Woo. In 2002 he was named by People Magazine as one of their "50 Most Beautiful People". This gave his career much impetus, and he landed into a high profile roles in Die Another Day, Torque and Elektra, and on FX Networks television series Thief and ABC Family's Fallen.



  • Hustle (TV series) (2007) One off appearance
  • Bionic Woman (2007 TV series) (2007) Series
  • Fallen (ABC Family film) (2006-2007) TV Movie
  • Thief (TV Series) (2006) Series
  • Witchblade (2001) Series (2001-2002)
  • Witchblade (2000)
  • The Disciples (2000)
  • Starred on Lil' Jon video Roll Call
  • Starred in Mariah Carey video Boy


  • The Slanted Screen (documentary, 2006)
  • Elektra (2005 film)|Elektra (2005)
  • Torque (film)|Torque (2004)
  • Die Another Day (2002)
  • Four Reasons (2002)
  • Face (2002)
  • What's Cooking? (2000)
  • Gung Fu: The New Dragon (2000)

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