Played By: Erin Karpluk

Robin is a personal friend of Jaime Sommers and Carly.

In 2007, she knew that Carly had gotten into Columbia Law School before Jaime. While excited for Carly, she was also sympathetic to Jaime's more tragic circumstances. ("Paradise Lost")

Despite living in California, she has some familiarity with New York City. At some point in her past, she appears to have had a romantic interlude with one of the residents of Greenwich Village.

She enjoys shopping, suggesting it as an appropriate method of celebrating Carly's postgraduate admission.

In a discussion with Carly, Becca and Jaime, Robin suggested that Jaime should date her brother. Jaime, protesting that she wasn't looking for a relationship, said that her brother was gay, and suggested that she was in denial about it. ("The Education of Jaime Sommers")