Played By: Kevin Rankin

Nathan is a scientist who works for the Berkut Group. His direct supervisor is likely Antonio Pope, at least in the absence of Will Anthros. His exact position within the company has not been revealed, but he acts as an engineer responsible for maintaining Jaime's bionics.

Nathan corrected an initial malfunction of Jaime's ear, which was producing a continuous, high-pitched hum. After running several diagnostics and attempting to correct the problem with computer assistance, he ended the ringing by effectively slapping her on the side of the head. During the procedure, he balked at the idea of Jaime sticking a cotton swab in the ear. ("Paradise Lost") He later corrected a problem with Jaime's toe after she damaged it while trying to protect Becca from statutory rape. ("Face Off") During both repair jobs, he protectively referred to the damaged parts as "his".

His casual dismissal of whole fields of of scientific study as something Jaime could quickly learn in "The Education of Jaime Sommers" suggests that he has a genius-level intellect, despite his generally casual appearance and attitude.

He first appeared in "Paradise Lost".

Relationship with other charactersEdit

Jaime SommersEdit

Nathan has expressed romantic interest in Jaime, but has been firmly rebuffed. Nevertheless Jaime appears to desire a friendly relationship with him, perhaps because he's not directly in her "chain of command" at Berkut. Whatever the cause, she has sought his advice on several personal matters. ("Paradise Lost","Sisterhood","Face Off")

His romantic ambitions were made clearer by his jealous behavior while monitoring output from Jaime's streaming optical interface during her early conversations with "Tom". ("The Education of Jaime Sommers")