Played By: Lorena Gale

Mrs. Busey (or Mrs. Buezy) was the principal of Becca Sommers' high school. In late 2007 she threatened severe punishment for Becca over an instance of marijuana use on school property. It was unclear what eventual punishment was given to Becca, but Jamie's forceful assurances that the issue would be dealt with severely at home prevented Busey from withdrawing Becca from the school's talent night.


  • The character first appeared in "Paradise Lost".
  • The spelling of this character's name is somewhat confusing. She is credited in "Paradise Lost" as "Busey", but within the episode, an out-of-focus placard on her desk reads "Buezy". Michelle Ryan's pronunciation of the name includes a definite "z" sound, but this is inconclusive as "Busey" could also be pronounced that way.
  • The name of the high school is ostensibly "Windermere High", according to advertisements for and stage props in the Talent Night scene at the end of "Paradise Lost". However, this has yet to be confirmed by dialogue or other graphical elements, such as school letterhead or a school sign.