Played By: Malcolm Stewart

Mr. von Fleet was a Canadian arms merchant who was one of the Berkut Group's biggest clients. His worth to the Group was in the tens of millions of dollars. He had at least one daughter, Heaven.

Consequently, Jonas Bledsoe was willing to commit Berkut personnel to the "babysitting" task of protecting his daughter when he was on a business trip to the United States. To this end, Jaime Sommers was assigned to protect Heaven from a suspected threat. Because von Fleet had sold weapons to the Bosnians, certain unspecified Serb factions were angry with him. His fears that their anger would jeopardize his daughter proved justified when Serbs attacked Heaven in a nail salon.

His relationship with his daughter was stormy. He described her as "a bit high-spirited" to Jaime, but he was clearly being diplomatic. In fact, she showed no respect for him or the guidelines he had set down. Following the attack — in which Jaime successfully prevailed against the Serbs — Heather was returned to her father in a much more appreciative state. Stripped of the bravado of youthful rebellion, the core bond between father and daughter appeared a strong one. ("Sisterhood")


  • This character's first name has not yet been revealed on-screen.
  • von Fleet is the first Berkut client ever shown on screen. As such, he helps to establish the financial basis that allows the Group to persue its expensive and profitless covert operations program.
  • It is unclear just how much von Fleet knows about the Berkut Group's activities and personnel. He expressed no alarm about the death of Will Anthros, which perhaps suggests that he never had any interaction with this key Berkut scientist. It also suggests that Anthros was not connected with the commercial aspects of the Group's enterprise, or that the bionic program has little direct involvement with the Group's revenue stream.
  • It is further uncertain whether Heaven revealed to her father any of the conversation she overheard between Jaime and Sarah Corvus. Though she appeared to write off Jaime's bionic abilities as simple martial arts, it seems likely that he might have pressed Bledsoe for an explanation had she revealed any part of the conversation she heard.