Madeline Jo Sommers was the mother of Jaime and Becca Sommers, and the wife of their father. "Second Chances" claims she died of cancer.

Commonality with original Bionic seriesEdit

In The Bionic Woman (1976), the mother of Lindsay Wagner's Jaime Sommers is dead at the time of the series' first episode. Unlike the original series, however, Michelle Ryan's Jaime still has one remaining parent, albeit an estranged and as-yet-unseen father. In the original mythology, Jaime's mother was named Ann Sommers and died in the line of duty as a US spy ("Jaime's Mother"), forcing her to become the ward of Steve Austin's mother and step-father.


  • This character's name has not, to date, been confirmed by an episode of Bionic Woman, and is derived entirely from the site's biography of Jaime. Therefore, it may be superceded by a future script.
  • The exact nature of her cancer has not been revealed on screen, but is cited by as breast cancer that was detected only when it was already beyond treatment.
  • Details of the effect of her slow death on Jaime's life provided by appear to have been contradicted by the episodes as broadcast. Specificially, the biography asserts that Jaime had not even applied to university in order to take care of her mother; however, "Paradise Lost" makes it clear that she got into Harvard University. It is possible, however, that Jaime applied to Harvard a significant period of time after her mother's death. Nevertheless, the lone reason the series has so far given about Jaime's absence from university is the need to care for Becca.