Jaime Sommers
Full Name: Jaime Wells Sommers
Alias: Clarissa Whyte
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Born: February 23, 1983[1]
Van Horne, Iowa[1]
Status: Alive (2007)
Portrayer(s): Michelle Ryan

Jaime Sommers (aged 24 in 2007) is the second bionic patient treated by the Berkut Group, fitted with implants created by Anthony Anthros and further refined by Will Anthros. She is the recipient of a bionic eye, ear, arm, two legs, as well as various support systems like anthrocites, a GPS tracker and a streaming optical interface.

Bionic replacement was deemed the only viable way to preserve her life following a devastating car accident deliberately caused by Sarah Corvus, the self-described "first bionic woman". Her surgery was performed at the Wolf Creek Biotech Research Facility under the direct supervision of the junior Anthros. At the time, he was both her fiancé and the father of her unborn child. Complications during the operation, however, forced the termination of the fetus.

Initially, she resented the operation and wanted nothing to do with the institution or people that had performed it. However, following the death of her fiancé, and the realization that she could do some good with her implants, she began to warm to the aspirations, if not always the methods, of the Berkut Group.

She lives in San Francisco, CA with her sister Becca. She is close friends with Carly and Robin.

Academic ambitions


Jaime has a deep desire to continue her education, perhaps because she was denied the opportunity. She was unable to accept her invitation to attend Harvard University, due to the need to take care of her younger sister. ("Paradise Lost") In her fantasy of college life, she would have likely majored in English, and eventually specialized at the postgraduate level in Irish literature. Even without formal training, she has a deep love and sound understanding of the author James Joyce. While pretending to be a college student on a Berkut mission, she once wrote a paper on "The Dead" for her roommate which was of sufficient quality to earn her roommate an invitation to join the grading professor's graduate program. ("The Education of Jaime Sommers")

NBC promotional biography

Some elements of the following biography may not have support from episodes as broadcast. Its canonicity is therefore unclear.
Jaime Wells Sommers was born on February 23, 1983 in Van Horne, Iowa, to Ethan and Madeline Jo Sommers. Ethan and Madeline were political activists, for which Ethan received some public notoriety. Both parents traveled a lot for their causes, and could be away for days or weeks at a time. When he would return home, Ethan always brought back photographs of his travels for Jaime, and, even at a young age, influenced Jaime's love for photography. In 1992, Jaime's sister, Becca Sommers, was born.

Jaime attended the local public school, Meskwaki High School, in Van Horne. She was a very active student; she was the forward on the school's field hocket team, contributed to and edited the school literary magazine, was a success on debate squad, and participated in the photography club. She was popular among the students and a favorite of her professors.

With neither of her parents in lucrative professions, Jaime helped contribute to the family by getting jobs around the neighborhood. She baby-sat, delivered newspapers, and was hired as a hostess and waitress at a family-style restaurant called Jelly's Eatery.

A year before Jaime was to graduate high school, Madeline was diagnosed with malignant stage II breast cancer. Jaime, who always believed her parents' busy life on the road prevented Madeline from getting an earlier diagnosis, quit most of her extracurricular activities to help care for her mom. Her grades slowly began to suffer, but she managed to graduate in the top 7% of her class in 2001. When Madeline's condition worsened, Jaime threw aside her plans for college to stay close to her mother. She continued to work, but became more and more involved as a caretaker for her mother.

In 2004, after a lengthy battle with cancer, Madeline Jo Sommers died. Immediately after the funeral, Jaime left for the west coast, leaving Becca behind. Upon her arrival on the west coast, Jaime quickly found herself a cramped apartment in a college town and a job working at a local bar. She enrolled in the psychology program at the nearby college and was able to afford tuition since she had saved up a little bit of money while taking care of her mother. In a bioethics class she took as an elective a few semesters later, she met a highly regarded professor, Dr. Will Anthros, whom she eventually started dating.

Tracking Jaime down, Becca showed up on her doorstep in 2006 with a duffel bag of a few belongings, asking to stay with her. Jaime allowed Becca to move in, but again the need to provide for her family, this time her sister, forced Jaime to drop out of college.


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