Played By: Will Yun Lee

Jae Huang is a Bionic team member.

NBC promotional biographyEdit

Some elements of the following biography may not have support from episodes as broadcast. Its canonicity is therefore unclear.
Jae was born into a family of Korean migrant workers who resided in the Phnom Penh province of Cambodia. His father was a woodworker and his mother labored in the rice fields. He lived there until 1980, when his parents were murdered by the Khmer Rouge Guerillas and he was sent by his uncle to live in a Taoist monastery in the Hubei region of China. Overcome by vengeance and anger, Jae's uncle believed that his nephew needed the spiritual guidance that only a Taoist temple could offer.

His formative years were spent at the Wu Yik Fan school of Taoist Meditation in the Wudang Mountains. It was here that he learned the works of Taoist monk Chen Tuan, and strived to live his life by the philosophies of the Taoist faith: oneness, dynamic balance, cyclical growth and harmonious action. As Jae became older, he slowly disassociated himself with the monastery and formal Taoist education as he became more interested in Wudang martial arts. Having completed his own personal growth at the Wu Yik Fan School, Jae eventually left the Wudang region in search of a secular education.

He enrolled in the Gibeau International Boarding School in Berne, Switzerland. Labeled an outcast and often harassed, Jae isolated himself, becoming a mediocre student. It was not until he reached Russell University that Jae displayed his potential, excelling in Philosophy and Physics. He chose to specialize in biophysics, writing his thesis on the Mind-Body interface; studying how consciousness is related to matter. Avant-garde research and field study he conducted created a name for Mr. Huang as a renowned, and universally respected, authority in the fields of mind control and meditation, frequently speaking at symposiums and contributing to various scholarly publications.

For an undisclosed amount of time the Berkut Group tracked Jae's career and eventually asked him to join the organization. Though Mr. Huang was reluctant to join what he described as a "questionable organization", he later acquiesced to their offer when he acknowledged the virtue his involvement could bring to the Berkut Group. After a thorough training process and an integration period, Jae assumed the role of the chair of the Endophysics Department, developing the wing of the Berkut Group that oversees all aspects of mental control and spirituality.

While working for the Berkut Group with their best Bionic test subject, Sarah Corvus, Jae fell in love with her, and they became romantically involved. Eventually this romance lent a personal aspect to his greatest professional failure, as Sarah proved unable to mentally control the killing machine within her, and rebelled against the Berkut Group, going on a killing rampage.

Jae however managed to exercise control over his own impulses by not allowing his romantic feelings for Sarah to get in the way of doing what was called for: He fired the shots that ended Sarah's killing spree, terminating her life.

The resulting psychological trauma caused him to take a hiatus from his work with the Berkut Group, retiring to a life of seclusion in the woods of the Pacific Northwest, though he did agree to return if and when they resumed human experimentation.