Ethan Sommers is the father of Jaime and Becca Sommers. He is alive, but his precise location is unknown by either of his daughters. He dropped Becca off with Jaime an unknown, but apparently brief, period of time before the accident which would force Jaime to undergo bionic replacement. Jaime has speculated on his whereabouts by telling Becca to "look for a big protest rally, then find the nearest bar."

Becca has claimed that one of Sommers' favorite aphorisms was, "Don't believe anything until it's been denied."

He is the widower of Madeline Jo Sommers.

Commonality with original Bionic seriesEdit

In The Bionic Woman (1976), the mother of Lindsay Wagner's Jaime Sommers is dead at the time of the series' first episode. Unlike the original series, however, Michelle Ryan's Jaime still has one remaining parent, albeit an estranged and as-yet-unseen father. In the original mythology, Jaime's father was named James Sommers and died in the line of duty as a US spy ("Jaime's Mother"), forcing her to become the ward of Steve Austin's mother and step-father.


  • Ethan Sommers has yet to appear in the series. His name is entirely based upon the site's biography of Jaime, and may be superceded by future scripts.
  • Ethan's alleged life of political activism is implied to have rubbed off on Becca. On the door to her room in "Second Chances" is an anti-Iraq War poster. Becca's attitudes on marijuana use in "Paradise Lost" are also fairly conventional to groups who support the legalization of the substance.