Bionics are artificial replacements for compromised body parts. As developed by Anthony and Will Anthros, they are not just substitutes but enhancements that allow for improved physical response. They are comprised of two major elements: the item being replaced and molecular machines in the patient's bloodstream, called anthrocites. ("Second Chances")

Jae suggests that bionics have "muscle memory", which allows for default usage patterns to be programmed into them. These patterns enable a patient to instinctively use them, without formal training. ("Paradise Lost") It is also something both Jae and Sarah Corvus see as a weakness of bionics, in that they produce predictable responses. One of Jae's primary goals in combat training with Jaime is to get her to beyond the default programming and find a way to make her bionics respond to her will. This sentiment is mirrored by Sarah's contention that The Berkut Group are deliberately hiding knowledge of the full power of bionics from Jaime.("Sisterhood")

Bionics appear to be the exclusive intellectual property of The Berkut Group. However, as evidenced by Sarah Corvus' post-Berkut bionic modifications, the Group is unable to completely control access to bionic technology. Because Anthony Anthros was serving a sentence for treason for selling bionic technology to "the highest bidder", it is implied that bionics are known to the US Government and a state secret.

Bionic Enhancements
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