The bionic leg is a bionic replacement part developed by Will and Anthony Anthros for the Berkut Group. Only full-sized versions — that is, from the hip to the foot — have thus far been seen. Both known bionic patients have had both legs completely replaced.


Bionic legs allow for advanced usage of all normal functions of legs. Jaime Sommers has so far been seen jumping distances of around 20-50 feet horizontal feet, but no exact parameter has yet been given for her jumping strength. No clear example of her vertical jumping distance has yet been seen. She has been seen to bend steel posts as a consequence of incidentally kicking them. Her maximum running speed has not been fully tested, but it is at least 60 mph, according to Jae in "Paradise Lost".

Commonality with original Bionic seriesEdit

Jaime's top running speed is the same in both series. This makes Michelle Ryan's Jaime slower than some of the later bionic patients in the original mythos, such as Michael Austin and Kate Mason.

Bionic Enhancements
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