The bionic arm is a bionic replacement part developed by Will and Anthony Anthros for the Berkut Group. Only full-sized versions — that is, from the shoulder to the hand — have thus far been seen. Both known bionic patients have bionic arms. While Sarah Corvus has had both arms replaced, only Jaime Sommers' right arm has been implanted.



Jaime learns how do the "bionic pull-up" with Jae

Bionic arms allow for advanced usage of all normal functions of arms. No exact parameters have been set upon the upper limits of the device, but Jae has placed the usage of Jaime's arm into relative perspective. He claims she can "shatter brick" and "bend steel" with it. She has been seen to easily accomplish pull-ups from a high distance with it, and to throw a woman over her head. It also has a defensive capability, in that it can deflect objects hurled toward her. ("Second Chances", "Paradise Lost").

It is unclear whether Jaime and Sarah's arms have the same power, although all three are the result of a Berkut Group operation.

Bionic Enhancements
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