Bionic Woman having technical difficultiesEdit

If you've been following the news about Bionic Woman in the past few weeks, then you know the show's in a bit of ratings trouble. The powers-that-be are therefore taking steps to correct the problem. Here's what's going on, as best we understand it:

When the show first launched it had a showrunner named Glen Morgan as well as a director/producer named Michael Dinner. They unexpectedly left just prior to the broadcast of "Second Chances", citing creative differences.[1] Since that time, Jason Katims has been acting as a sort of "interim" showrunner. His appointment was never permanent, as he still is primarily attached to Friday Night Lights. His main focus while on Bionic Woman was to run the writer's room. But he was trying to do so while still working on FNL. On or about 25 October, Jason Cahill — most celebrated for his work on The Sopranos — was tapped as the new showrunner.[2] He too will primarily be leading the writing staff, and will continue to be backed up on the production side by David Eick and Jason Smilovic. The fact that NBC bothered hiring a new showrunner is seen as an indication that the network still cares about the show, and is not eager to cancel it.[3] This appears to be tentatively confirmed by Michelle Ryan, who was quoted as saying on 27 October that NBC is planning to give the show a "second launch" in January.[4]

This change of management in the writer's room appears to be causing some havoc with the schedule of episodes, as was understood at the series launch. Therefore, episodes following "The Education of Jaime Sommers" may not currently have correct titles or synopses on this wiki. Also, the possibility exists that production on the show may encounter some delays in the near future. Factual errors in some articles on this site may be unusually egregious until episodes actually air.

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