The Berkut Group is a privately funded company formed by Jonas Bledsoe and Anthony Anthros that engages in the development of bio-military weapons outside governmental influence. It runs a bionics program founded on theories largely propagated by Anthony and Will Anthros. According to Jonas Bledsoe, the company is also "a private clandestine group dedicated to stopping rogue organizations from ending civilization as we know it." Bledsoe is currently the CEO of the Berkut Group.

The group does not appear to have complete control over bionics, as evidenced by Sarah Corvus' post-Berkut bionic modifications.

Bionics are only one facet of their operations. They have made other innovations in biomedical research, typically in the area of defensive applications. For instance, they are also responsible for creating an airborne synthetic toxin known as DMC 30, which was released on the population of the small town of Paradise, Idaho. ("Paradise Lost")

They have wide experience of and contacts in the U.S. government. Their agents are able to emulate membership in various government agencies so as to gain unusual access to sensitive areas. However, they are a completely extra-governmental organization.