Antonio Pope
Full Name: Antonio Pope
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Died: 2007
Status: Deceased (2007)
Portrayer(s): Isaiah Washington

Antonio Pope was an employee of the Berkut Group responsible for carrying out various field operations, ranging from intelligence, capture and assassination. After Jaime Sommers was outfitted with Bionic limbs, Antonio was assigned as her supervisor. Later, as Jaime's training progressed the pair became partners, working together on various assignments. Antonio died in 2007, saving Jaime's life from her own would be assassin.


Prior to that formal introduction at the underground facilities of the Berkut Group, however, Jamie first met Pope casually in a bookstore. He falsely misrepresented the encounter as happenstance and himself as a provider of clean water systems to developing countries. They had a brief discussion over the 2008 edition of the book, What Color Is Your Parachute?, which he used as a part of his initial psychological analysis of her. He also deliberately elicited her sympathy by appearing to own a Jack Russell, a dog of the same breed Jamie owned as a child. This analysis allowed Pope to deduce that Jaime was "smart", "honest" and that she didn't "quite know who [she] was". It also subtly moved Jaime in the direction of returning to the Berkut Group after her escape in "Second Chances".